10 essential advices

Determine your size

70% of women do not know their bra size1 , and yet choosing the right bra ensures you feel great all day long.

To preserve and have your breast at their best, go to a lingerie boutique or a department store to be measured. See our participating boutiques here.

1 Source: survey carried out in 2011 on almost 300 women from Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Choose the right style

The shape of the breast differs naturally from one woman to another: it can be pear-shaped, apple-shaped etc. For each breast shape there is a specific style of bra, or sometimes several.
Find the perfect bra to suit your body shape and needs in just a few clicks!

Choose a good quality bra

The breast is a three-dimensional organ that is unique to each woman in terms of size, depth and volume. Above all, for a bra to be comfortable the straps, underwiring, reinforcements and cups should fit perfectly to support the breast without digging into the skin. Choose a good quality bra to accentuate your beauty.

Position your bra properly

If a bra is poorly adjusted or badly positioned, it can lose its effectiveness and comfort. So how do you make sure it is properly in place?

Underwiring should not dig into the breast. The bra must be positioned horizontally at the back. It should not be too tight or too loose. The straps should be adjusted to ensure the bust is comfortable and well supported.

Use your bra to accentuate your beauty

If your bra fits perfectly, you should forget you are wearing it. A flattering bust makes you feel good about yourself and gives you confidence.

Looking for good support? Go for underwired or three-section designs. Looking for unbeatable discretion? Pre-formed cups are perfect for you. And if you're looking for extra volume, there are three key words: balconette, demi-cup and push-up.

Adjust the straps on your bra

Poorly adjusted straps can hurt your shoulders. Make sure they are properly adjusted and wide enough to take the weight of the bust in order to avoid painful red marks. The straps should rest on the shoulders without digging into the skin.

Maintain the beauty of your bust

The breast is essentially made up of fatty tissue and blood vessels, so it does not contain any muscle. It is only supported by the skin, which naturally loses its elasticity over time. To help prevent the bust sagging and keep it looking its best, it is essential to ensure it is well supported right from a young age.

Follow these tips every day:

  • Spray the bust with cold water to firm up the tissues and stimulate blood circulation, in the shower for example.
  • Make sure you stand up straight.
  • Moisturise (the beauty secret for fabulous skin!)
  • Avoid positions that crush the bust (sleeping on your stomach, crossing your arms across your chest etc.)

Manage variations in breast volume

The volume of your breasts will vary throughout your life, depending on several factors such as hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause, ovulation cycle etc) as well as weight fluctuations and age. Whatever fluctuations your body undergoes, a well-fitting bra will always ensure changes in the volume of your bust are taken into account.

Larger busts

Support is always essential, but even more so for bigger busts. Good support depends on the choice of fabrics, the width of the straps and the way the bra is constructed (in 3 sections to spread the weight across the whole bra rather than just at the front). Choosing a supportive bra does not mean it can't be attractive too.

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Look after your lingerie

A bra is made from fine and fragile materials (lace, silk, cotton etc). It is therefore important to look after it so that it does not lose its effectiveness and attractiveness, and so that you can keep it for as long as possible.
Here is some advice:
Hand wash, as stated on our labels:

  • Separate colours
  • Use warm water (30°C) and mild household soap or detergent
  • Always rinse after washing
  • Gently wring out and dry flat.

If you have no choice other than machine washing:

  • Use a mild detergent, at 40° maximum
  • To avoid damaging your lingerie, place it in a mesh bag or pillowcase
  • Never tumble dry your lingerie: you could damage the elasticity of your underwear, make them shrink or flatten your padded bras.
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